“Connexion” is, at its core, a social wellness project that fosters our ability to build meaningful and intentional connections in our lives, by way of co-created and freely disseminated content.

Now “Connection” is not as easily defined as Connexion.

Connection can be a felt sense of relatedness — of being understood or understanding more fully in a given moment. But different definitions will resonate with different beings. For some, a “thread of souls” will capture it in all of its nuance. Others might prefer the analogy of “coming home.” Others still will find these strings of words all too lofty, and none of them would be wrong.

Connection can exist in relationships that last lifetimes, but doesn’t always. And it can be found in a single moment between two strangers who have exchanged nothing more than a glance.

Connection does not presuppose the presence of multiple people, either. At times you’ll feel grounded in a sense of connection when you are simply by yourself — alone yet not lonely. You might also feel it when you are contemplating an idea, or when you find yourself in the company of non-human creatures or non-creature beings.

In fact, on the most unique of days, you may feel connected to the very air you breathe.

This makes Connection limitless.

And Connexion is quite happy about that, because if Connection could be summarized by a simple, widely accepted definition, we certainly wouldn’t have much left to talk about.