Stories of Love

Why is it that stories of love —  any and all kinds of love —  permeate our songs, our books, our movies, our art?

Our stories are a reflection of our values. Of what we consider important. And they have taught me one thing: Connection is what we live for. Positive relationships — not just with others, but also with ourselves and with places — are what bring joy, strength and meaning into our lives.

But positive relationships are not a given. They require care and attention, they can be broken and lost. They can be pushed aside, replaced by seemingly important priorities that never truly bring us happiness.

It’s hard to focus on what’s important in the midst of noise.

“You’re not good enough yet: You need to own this car; You need to wear this makeup; You need to be more like them and less like you. Then you’ll be happy. Then you’ll belong”

When we do not feel connected — to ourselves, to others or to our environment — we are at risk. At risk of feeling isolated or lonely; at risk of feeling hurt or angry; at risk of feeling empty. 

This is why I believe that improving the nature of today's relationships could help solve some of the 21st century's major sociopolitical challenges. 

This is what shapes my mission: To support people in improving the quality of their relationships, offline, in a digital age.