If you’ve enjoyed exploring this idea of connection, you can choose to move that exploration offline by trying some of the challenges listed below. They are only suggestions, and you can alter them in whatever way you see fit. Whatever you do, I encourage you to reflect on how these challenges make you feel.

Email us to share your reflections, or to suggest challenges to add to our list!

Embodiment challenges

  1. Put on some music in your bedroom, or any space where you can be alone, and start dancing. Try moving your body in ways you haven’t moved it before. Make your movements as large or as small as you want them to be. Try to notice if there are any parts of your body you have trouble moving, or feel embarrassed about moving. Notice that. Why is that? Pay attention to your elbow and let it lead you for a little while. Allow yourself to feel silly.

  2. Attend a dance class that takes you a bit out of your comfort zone. For me that was contact dancing and 5Rhythms. For you it could be something else. But ask yourself, what feels so scary about it?

  3. Sign up for an improv or a theatre class. I know that’s probably intimidating, but it wouldn’t be a challenge if it was easy.

  4. Explore what brings your body pleasure, alone or with a partner(s). As an exercise, try to notice exactly what it is that you’re enjoying, and vocalize that.

  5. Try to feel your heartbeat in every part of your body, one by one.

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