Created by Anabelle Budd

My name is Anabelle Budd, and I ask a lot of questions.

Why are we lonely? What is connection? Where does it live? How do we foster it? How do people relate to their bodies? Do adults really stop playing, or does play just look different for adults? How do people maintain connection over long distances? Is vulnerability key to this recipe?

My name is Anabelle Budd, and I have some thoughts.

Based on my personal experience, I believe that a greater sense of connection in our lives can translate into a greater sense of happiness, a greater sense of community, and a greater sense of personal and societal well-being.

My name is Anabelle Budd, and I have an idea.

What would happen if I just started talking to people about all this?

My name is Anabelle Budd, and I carry a context.

I am a person shaped by my context and my place in this world. This informs my worldview, how I make sense of experiences, as well as my blind spots. I move through the world with privilege. My perspective is one of a white, upper-middle class, non-disabled, cisgender, university educated, queer woman, whose roots are not grounded in any one place. In Canada I am a settler.

My perspective is limited and limiting to these questions, which is why, despite this ABOUT page, Connexion is not about me.

I want to personally thank you for your support, and thank you for joining me on this journey. I invite you to participate in these conversations and in this exploration, in a myriad of ways.

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